Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Effen Vodka

Effen is a unique vodka. It is very good and exceptionally smooth. Effen comes in 2 varieties, good old standard non flavored vodka and an amazingly well done black cherry vanilla vodka.

Effen is very pure and tastes great. It is distilled at lower temperatures then most vodka to avoid caramelization that can occur in the distillation process. This allows you to enjoy Effen witout the altered taste that is sometimes left by burnt sugar in some vodkas. While Effen's traditional vodka is rather exceptional, I was even more impressed by their black cherry vanilla vodka. With most flavored vodkas, you can immediately taste the synthetic and almost syrupy flavoring used to impersonate fruit. However, in the case of Effen, I was shocked to find that it tasted natural and not overwhelming.

The Effen vodka bottle has a rubber sleeve around it. This has 2 purposes. 1, it allows for the bottle to stay cool longer and, 2, it keeps the bottle from slipping through you hands. I do a lot of bartending, typically for private parties, and I enjoy doing tricks with the bottles. While many bottles of vodka will have condensation on them, after being pulled from the freezer and left to sit on the bar, Effen's bottle has very little. This is nice, as dropping a bottle while doing tricks looks rather unprofessional.

Conclusion: Effen is hard to find. It is not at your average grocery store, but it is typically at good liquor stores. Their traditional vodka goes down smooth and mixes well with anything. Their cherry vanilla vodka mixes great with cola as well as many other things
(as for me, I even drink it straight from time to time). Effen gets a well deserved 9.2 out of 10.

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